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Robert McKenzie Retires

  • Written by Matt

Robert McKenzie, who literally wrote the book on tax representation retires. McKenzie sent this message,

"In January, 1972 I began my career in tax as a revenue officer for the Internal Revenue Service. I moved on from the IRS to become a tax controversy lawyer. I look back with fondness for my colleagues with Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr, my many clients and my friends in the ABA Tax Section. All have contributed to my enjoyment of a long and rewarding career. After 50 years as a tax nerd it is time for me to retire. Effective 12/31/2021 I will move into retirement. I plan to travel more with my wife, JoEllen.  I also plan to enjoy my new hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. To my colleagues, clients and tax bar friends, Thank You  I will remain available for an occasional consult but it may be difficult to reach me at times as we explore parts unknown." 

Mr. McKenzie has lectured extensively on the subject of taxation. He has presented courses before thousands of CPA’s, attorneys and enrolled agents nationwide. He has made numerous media appearances including Dateline NBC and The ABC Nightly News. He served as the IRS Defense Advisor columnist for CPA Magazine. Prior to entering private practice, Mr. McKenzie was employed by the Internal Revenue Service, Collection Division, in Chicago, Illinois. Since entering private practice, he has dedicated a major portion of his time to representation before the IRS. Mr. McKenzie is the author of “Representation Before the Collection Division of the IRS” and coauthor of “Representing the Audited Taxpayer Before the IRS, and Representation Before the U.S. Tax Court.” He has been selected for listing by Law and Leading Attorneys where he serves on its advisory board. He speaks on a regular basis. In the last year, he has spoken for the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the American Institute of CPA’s.

From 2009 to 2011, Mr. McKenzie was a member of the IRS Advisory Council, which advises IRS management. He has been selected as a Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel and serves as its President. He was council director of the ABA Tax Section (1998-2001). He was vice chair of the ABA Tax Section (2003-2005). Mr. McKenzie is past chairman of the Employment Tax Committee, past co-chair of the Task Force for Bankruptcy Legislation of the ABA Section on Taxation and past chairman of the Chicago Bar Association Federal Tax Committee. He was dean of the National Tax Practice Institute (1998-2002). He is a life member of the American Tax Policy Institute. Mr. McKenzie was also a member of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council from 2009 to 2011.  

Mr. McKenzie is a noted authority and media source on IRS and tax-related issues, and he continues to be featured in national and international news stories. This includes his analysis, which appeared in various publications, regarding the IRS’ efforts to uncover the identities of U.S. citizens with accounts in banks offshore. Additionally McKenzie gathered Tax Humor, which was also published in CPA Magazine. Here are a few: 

IRS MOTTO: "We're not happy until you're not happy!"

“Ignore them and they’ll go away” is great advice for some of life’s annoyances. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to taxes. Martha C. White, Time.com  April 17, 2012.

A white business envelope with your name in the cellophane window and the return address of the IRS: Attention from the Internal Revenue Service can mean only one thing; they want your money. Jessica Steinberg, The Times of Israel, 5-6-12

Over the years and out of literally thousands of tax protestors who have been criminally prosecuted, a very small handful have won acquittals in their criminal trials, by convincing the jury that they were too stupid to understand that they had to pay taxes. Financial & Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc

Cutting its (IRS) budget is like killing the goose that lays golden eggs -- or at least putting her in a smaller pen and feeding her less.  By Selena Maranjian, The Motley Fool 2-1-12

Here's a funny story relayed by Internal Revenue Service call center agents: Taxpayers sometimes call in to complain they have mistakenly received letters intended for someone named "Levy." Gadi Dechter, Government Executive, May 16, 2011


McKenzie, wrote, "Kathleen Lach and Adam Fayne will be servicing my clients going forward. I helped train them and they have exceeded my expectations and hopes to become extraordinary tax controversy attorneys. They will ably serve my clients and colleagues.For those of you seeking advice or assistance please contact Adam or Kathy in the following ways: Kathleen Lach KThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Adam Fayne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

To Robert I wrote, "Congratulations on a fabulous journey in the same direction. You have been a blessing to us all. Thank you very much for choosing tax controversy and being so unselfish helping CPAs understand it."

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